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Posted 8/3/2023

NYS requires a mandatory Lead and Copper Service Line Inventory to be completed by 10/26/2024, and your participation is required.

Please use the button below to read the documentation about the required inventory, and REFER TO SECTION 19 ON PAGE 12 FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.

Bristol Water Works Corporation is proud to release this new site in an effort to provide information to our customer base in a useful and concise manner. This site will be utilized to publish updated information about our utility to the Bristol Harbour Village community, and we encourage all residents to keep the link handy, as this will be our communication tool if there are any important updates you should be aware of. 


Please also note that we have updated our phone number and email address for customer communications, which is listed below:

New Phone Number: 585-204-6754

New Email Address:

The phone number offers a 24x7 hotline for water-related emergencies, such as water main breaks or insufficient water pressure to your home. Please note that BWWC is not responsible for water leaks within your home and should not be called for this.


This website is designed to answer commonly asked questions, but for questions or concerns not answered on this website, please either email us or call 585-204-6754 x2 for administrative assistance. This line will record a voicemail and send it to our customer service representative for the water corporation. The customer service representative will review the concern and reply back with an informed answer.


Best regards,

Todd Cook


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