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Congratulations on your new home!

Please use the following form to provide the information required to set up your new Bristol Water Works Corporation account:

Buyer Information Form:
Select a Billing Option:

Thanks for submitting!

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Or, you may use the following link to download a printable version of this form:

Please complete and email your Buyer Information Form to:


or mail your Buyer Information Form to:

Bristol Water Works Corporation

PO Box 167

Warsaw, NY 14569


Congratulations on your sale!

Please make sure to contact us at to inform us of your closing date. A utility staff member will service your meter for a final read and a bill will be generated for water used to date.

We will ensure that your account is deactivated and (if applicable) all automatic payments will be stopped.

To pursue credit for prepaid service between the closing date and the end of the billing period, please make your attorney aware to credit the seller at the closing. If the attorney requires statements of $0 balance on your account, please contact us at to ensure your account is paid in full as to make final payment due.

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