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April 22, 2021

Please note that Bristol Water Works Corporation (BWWC) does not provide fire protection water. The district has many flushing devices throughout the district, which are used for purging water from mainlines when needed, for water quality purposes. These flushing devices have been misconstrued by many residents as fire hydrants, which they are not. BWWC’s system was not designed for fire suppression by prior ownership and developers, is not currently and was not ever rated for fire suppression, and is not intended for use as such.  

Although the system which is operated by BWWC was not designed for fire flow protection by prior owners, it was the desire of us as new owners to improve the system to accommodate fire flow. During our prior rate increase petition that was ultimately resolved on July 12, 2018, BWWC had requested proper rate funding to improve the system infrastructure and maintain it as a fire suppression system, for the benefit of the community. This request would have cost money, raised rates, and also would have provided a tremendous benefit to the community. The PSC denied the request, likely due to the pressure exerted on them from the BHVA lawyers to keep rates to a bare minimum, and subsequently ended our initiative to enhance the system for fire flow. The reality is, that a fire suppression system requires a capital investment, and it requires support from the community not to fight the initiative, for it to become a reality. 

Going forward, BWWC will be marking the flushing devices to provide further clarity to all residents, that fire flow is not supported. It is also important that your insurance company does not recognize your dwelling as being within a certain distance of a “fire hydrant” for insurance rate purposes, as that would not be accurate anywhere within the service district of Bristol Water Works Corporation.

Best regards,

Todd Cook

Bristol Water Works Corporation


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